Simple Calendar App For
Shift Workers

  • Schedule your shifts

    Create shift types with title, an icon or a background as many as you want. Enter shifts on the calendar months easily navigate to future dates to check your schedule.

  • View shifts of your friends

    Manage different shift patterns if you want to see shift patterns of another person. You can create different shift types and rotations for this shift pattern and much more.

  • Create personalized notes with each shift

    You can create custom events and set personalized notes for any date on the calendar. Switch month by swapping left or right. Export calendars text list and screenshots fixed using an SD card.

  • Stay on top of your work

    Easily view vacation stats, sick stats, comp time and holiday time, trades and swaps stats, personal and long service leave stats, training stats, overtime stats, custom event stats and paydays.

  • Sync the application with Google calendar

    All your shifts and rotations are automatically synchronized with Google Calendar. This allows you to view your data from anywhere, anytime. Synchronization also provides security of your data.

  • Set alarm reminders

    Our application allows you to set alarm reminders on important dates. Manage your graveyard shift. Plan your holidays using our application. The reminders can be set for each shift.

About MyShiftWork

A perfect solution for shift management

MyShiftWork is a useful and simple calendar for shift workers. View your rotations one month at a time in a clear, color coded format, with icons and backgrounds for each date, and then easily navigate to future dates to check your schedule as far into the future as you need. It is suitable for any repeating pattern and will prove useful to shift workers. You can organize all your shift patterns and can see at a glance what shift or roster you are on what day.

Benefits of MyShiftWork

Quick and easy way to enter and view shifts
MyShiftWork is an Android application designed for people who need a quick and easy way to enter and view their shifts. Our app helps you keep track of your everyday activity and reminds you of your schedule.
MyShiftWork also includes the ability to create colored personalized notes for each date. Notes can be used anytime additional information needs to be added to a date.
Sometimes it's not easy to see your upcoming shift schedule very clearly, especially if your shifts don't fall into the traditional working week. MyShiftWork solves this problem and turns the frustrating task of entry into a quick and easy experience.
Send a text list of your shifts to others or to your own self via email. This helps you transfer all your data from one phone to another without having to type it all over again. You can also backup & restore your data from SD Card.

App Synchronization

Sync all your data to another device within seconds

Our app synchronization feature allows you to transfer the data from one phone to another via cloud. The synchronization feature eliminates the need of an SD and makes data transferring simple and quick. This feature is ideal for individuals willing to run the app on multiple platforms.




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Customer Stories

Great App! Easy to program and use. Also easy to update. I liked this app in 2013 and it is still going strong. Thanks. Fred Eaton
I've been using this app for over 4 years and love it loads it's sooo easy to use and so colorful Cecile Alexis
I have a 9 day rotation and this thing took one minute to set up. Works great with Galaxy S3 and now S5. John DoeKevin Gwillim
My perfect too for my continental shifts. I have tried a few apps but non can beat this because of its simplicity. Jack Lwinga
The best shift app I've used makes organizing my life so easy Assia Scott
Have been using it for a few years now able to calculate my shifts years ahead very helpful. John DoeVincent Morson

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