A new update of our iPhone app is out now

We rolled out a new update of our iOS application. We have thoroughly tested out every element of our app before the release and the new version has stabilized the issues that were reported to us by our users. MyShiftWork iOS app is better than before and the performance has significantly improved. Here’s a complete list of changes we have made in the new update of our app

- The time zone issue of shifts disappearing when users changed locations or time zone has now been fixed
- You can now sync your shifts data with any calendar on your phone. All your shifts will be synced on runtime and as soon as you add, edit or delete them. You can sync your shifts date, events, payday and notes with your calendar. Our sync feature now comes with a small subscription cost.
- Multiple languages have been added to iOS application. You can now use the application in your own native language for ease of use.
- Some minor bugs in shifts date has been fixed.
- Performance and speed of the application significantly improved.
- You can now delete shifts in bulk easily through the main calendar

Hope you like the new update of our application. If you have any questions or feedback about our app, please drop us a message at support@myshiftworkapp.com