Our new update is now LIVE

We just released a new update of MyShiftWork. Thanks to the tremendous efforts put together by the team and user’s feedback, our app is continuously improving when it comes to the performance and usability.

The new version of MyShiftWork has some additions in the application along with the bug fixes that were reported to us by our users. Here’s a complete list of changes we have made in version 6.15

Added Norwegian and Dutch language in the application

- Reduction in the apk file size of application (lighter to keep/transfer and takes significantly less space)

- Added a search option in main calendar allowing users to quickly jump to a shift from the list of shifts.

- Some users were getting a loading issue while changing months. This issue has now been fixed.

- Issues detected via Firebase crashlytics of our application crashing on some devices has now been fixed.

- Users running our app on the device Huawei P20 Lite were having difficulty viewing shift one. This issue has now been fixed.

- Users running our app on the device Samsung note 10 plus were unable to view notes at the bottom. This issue has now been fixed.

Please update to the latest version of MyShiftWork and let us know if you have any questions.