Widgets are awesome. I get ot view my shift schedule or other reminders without even opening the app ALLYWYN PASI
Pretty basic to use and the interface and navigation are really good SHREYAS SHAH
This is very helpful as a nurse to have a work shift calendar on my mobile phone its very cool and handy whenever I go and it’s easy to check your off duty John DoeRacheal
The best shift app I've used makes organizing my life so easy John DoeAssia Scott
Have been using it for a few years now able to calculate my shifts years ahead very helpful. John DoeVincent Morson
Helps me to check my night shifts instantly while I am busy with some other work. Superb app John DoeAJIT MICROPROJECT
Myshiftwork is fantastic. Easy to add or delete info and follow up for payments with my clients SJ KE NAYE VIDEOS
Great App! Easy to program and use. Also easy to update. I liked this app in 2013 and it is still going strong. Thanks. Fred Eaton
I've been using this app for over 4 years and love it loads it's sooo easy to use and so colorful. Cecile Alexis
I could sync each of my shift from the app with Google calenders pretty easily. That's so useful SAHIL GORULE
While I think the app is great and really useful for my shift work partner and myself since the new update, we cannot delete a shift once it been added. I hope this is cleared up soon. John DoeKAREN DAKING
I have a 9 day rotation and this thing took one minute to set up. Works great with Galaxy S3 and now S5. . I hope this is cleared up soon. John DoeKevin Gwillim
My perfect too for my continental shifts. I have tried a few apps but non can beat this because of its simplicity. John DoeJack Lwinga